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Jack Ma Inspirational Speech Video

Welcome, Jack Ma.

Thank you!

Apply jobs for 30 times got rejected. I went for a please listen no you’re not good

I went to either even the KFC. When KFC came to check him – I see 30 24 people went for the job 23 people accepted I was the only guy and we went for please five people all of them accepted I was the only guy did I receive it so to me being turned down rejected.

Oh, by the way, I told you that I would apply for Harvard for 10 times rejected I know you’re just sorry.

I’m sorry now ten times you wrote them and said I’d like to come to Harvard yeah and then I told myself, somebody, I should go teach their baby so I went to the counsel hotel now called hounds of Shangri-la Porter because that was the hotel can receive the foreign visitors so every morning for nine years I showed them around as a free guide and they taught me English and I think that changed to me today on 100% made in China.

I’ve never got a one-day training outside China and people when people talk to me say, “Jack, how can you speak English like that why sometimes you talk like an American Western guy.”

I think that was the nine years these Western for tourists opened my mind because everything they told me is so different from the things I learned from the school and from my parents so now.

I have a habit whatever I see whatever read I use my mind think about for two days that have we don’t see this kind of motto right it’s named Jack’s crazy.

Yeah, this is a crazy guy I mean I remember my first time in Time magazine. They call me crazy Jack and I think Kris is good.

We are crazy but we’re not stupid you know what we are doing but if everybody agrees with me. If everybody believed my our idea is good.

We have no chance I thought when I was young I said everything is possible now I know not everything is possible.

We have something. You have to think about. You have to consider the others.

You have to consider the customer society.

Your employees.

Your shareholders.

So society there are so many things that I think if you continue to work hard there’s there’s a possibility if you don’t do it nothing’s possible if you try to do it at least you have the hope.

I was very depressed the day a year 2002 or 3 in the States when I no no no no earlier than that I was very depressed when I could not define out a way for the internet and then I watch the movie my friend’s home forest a gun.

When I see him as a this is the guy we shall learn from belief what you’re doing love it whether people like it don’t like it be simple and like the word life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you can get right.

I never know I would be here talking to you and talking to Charlie Rose I never know but today I made it I told my people in my apartment 18-15 years ago guys we have to work hard not for ourselves if we can be successful 80% of the young people in China can be successful.

We don’t have a rich father powerful uncle we don’t have a $1 from the bank when Sam from the government just works as a team.

We’re in our Tai Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi yeah what does that do for you other than keep you in good a little touchy Tai Chi is a philosophy about in any young.

Tai Chi is about how you balance how you work like a competition people say when I compete with eBay see you hate even no no no I don’t hit eBay it’s a great company you know they come I go you know Taiji’s like you fight here go over there you put on the top.

I go to down right so it’s my balance right you are heavy on a small you know what I’m small I can jump you have you cannot Jack their tag is better philosophy.

I use in Tai Chi philosophy in the in the business calm down there’s always way out and keep yourself balanced and meanwhile don’t try to keep this business is a company competition is a fun business like a battlefield you die or I win business even if you die.

I mean either ring right so it’s about it’s better fun so Taiji gives me a lot of inspirations you first.

I think many years ago I want to change the world.

Now I think if you want to change the world. We change our self another bro bro bro bro certain time the slow of growing of a body was slow but you should grow your mind grew your culture grew your Valley grew your visiting.

I think China is moving to that reaction whether you were successful not successful I find a one people when they finish the job if they make the mistake of video film if they always complained the others this guy.

We never come back if the guy only checks himself yeah something wrong with me here something wants me there this guy has at Hope optimistic for the future and work with the young people and invest in the young people.

We have an over 34,000 young people in the company.

Oh, because I don’t know a computer if they know a computer that’s great so how can we make computers easy to use for that 80 % of people that’s the opportunity.

I think it’s difficult to look for a job at any time not only today because when I tried to look for a job.

I filled a more than 30 times so it’s it’s not rare that you cannot can upon job but when I’m looking for you young people.

I don’t normally I don’t read there which university they graduate because of no matter you a Ph.D. degree or master degree or better agree that only a receipt that you have paid that much money study the real school is in the society.

We find a job and prove that what you have learned really make things different so I love to see the people with a passion I love to see the people ready to learn not say.

I’m a Ph.D. I’m a doctor. so I don’t have to unlearn no it’s new to anybody where you go to the society so these are the passion for future optimistic ready to learn and never give up these are the qualities that we would love to have young people to have this.

Oh no, you unlucky to know a lot of famous people Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Jack Welch, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg.

I know all of them.

I would like to share with you that those people the difference between those people and other people.

They are always optimistic for the future. Click To Tweet

They never complain. They always try to solve the problems of the others and I think where is the opportunity always lies in the place where people complain some people sit there complain you think if I can solve that complaint that’s the opportunity.

I said if something everybody believed it everybody loved it forget about that’s not your opportunity because where everybody agrees why this opportunity should be yours the first technology revolution.

The steam the water right in the UK very successful after 50 years, the second technology revolution is called energy revolution electricity after 50 years electricity was founded business booming Internet has only four to two years, the next of 30 years is the best of time for us for our young people.

We are all lucky!

We are only fear like 20 or 30 years old the next 30 years the best time the last 20 years is the time I called information technology that’s the IT.

IT is to make yours the big company getting bigger and stronger and IT is to make yourself stronger.

It’s trying to get something for you but now we are entering into the new period which I call the data technology.

The data technology does totally obstacle IT.

IT is I have you don’t have DTS. You have it I don’t have it.

I don’t have to have it DT is about a sharing details but take responsibility.

DT is about passion for the future promoting five o’clock to practice.

My English the foreign visitors come I practice my English I don’t know why at that time but I found everything the foreign visitors told to me is so different from the things my parents told me.

My teacher told me and the newspaper I read. So since then, I think everything used my own brain to think about is that true.

Is that an opportunity inside?

Is there anything? I can do that make the difference think about this and then when you think about this study do it.

When I started I put the Bill Gates as my role model.

I put the Warren Buffet robot. I got a more disappointing.

Oh my god, hug where can I get this two gates and you when you put the robot is that big it’s very frustrating when I think about the uncle was my next door and anthalie.

The only my next door they work pretty well so I started thinking mmm let me serve this and one day.

I can serve more people that were thick beginning guys I tell you the day.

The first week when I launched atop all calm the albertov all calm nobody come to sell nobody come to buy because there’s nothing to sell so in this in my office.

We have a seven people we buy, we sell ourselves right and then the first of the first 10 days some people start to try to sell something.

We buy everything so we buy a whole house of things for no use.

Just people come to sell so little violator.

We build up our business little by little we build up our ecosystem of the infrastructure.

When I sit next to Bill Gates I think I’m a genius when I speak Chinese he cannot speak.

When I speak English well. We get, we believe it’s not bad. You have we all have to think opposite where I’ve already agreed with one means one minute think about it is that right is there an opportunity.

Where everybody against it just to wait for one minute think about remembering one thing that’s the secret sauce always raise money.

When you have the money right. Wait…

Don’t have money you are in trouble.

Don’t go out to raise money so when you have the money instead of think about how can I raise money because the winters go.

How always think about preparations for the winters?

So my philosophy is to repair the roof while it is sunshine way into rings.

Don’t move keep it.

I send a lot of young wonderful people to go to MBA they were very smart before they go to MBA but they came back they suddenly they think like you know structure guy this is no good so I told my people to forget about what you learn in MBA.

Use it instinct and making sure that everything you do is the need of the customer but the book I want to write about is Alibaba 1001 mistakes so many mistakes we have and this is the best assets we have.

So, don’t worry about it.

We’ll make mistake.

Don’t worry about that just to go ahead. If you have a dream but in this, you should very few people know that we have a secret code or on the bus just like Open Sesame is the secret code for Alibaba the secret code for everybody keeps your dream alive because it might come true someday but this is what the secret code is.

Thank you very much

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