How To Be Successful In Business As A Young Entrepreneur!

I want to go black hey guys thank you so much for the overwhelming support on the junior business launch it was so great to give you guys an in-depth look exactly into what goes on and a question that so many of you guys share is how you get taken seriously as a young entrepreneur in business how can a teenager having somebody in school be taken seriously and and Succeed in Business so many of you guys were wondering how we did it how we started so young in business and have succeeded so early in this video we want to prove you guys that age is just the number and you can do virtually anything you want in the business world at whatever age all right we got our chairs and boards set up in the back so follow us and we will get right into this how were walking here it was actually so cool to see how many of you guys had old coins and collectibles that you guys had laying around that you wanted to sell we received so many messages about the things you guys had and believe it or not we ended up buying a couple collections from you guys one of you guys were so surprised to find out that your collection was worth over $500 so we ended up buying a couple out pretty cool just a reminder the giveaway is still going on we’ll be picking the winner this Saturday so keep an eye on our social media for who brings home the iPad the GoPro and all the other cool prize follow us on instagram at team junior business for the latest updates we’re going to be announcing it there first before we do it on video most likely so check it out all right let’s get into this so young entrepreneurship how to be taken seriously at a young age in the business world it is no doubt that is one of the biggest hurdles that young entrepreneurs will face keep in mind these older people are justified because you really don’t have the years of experience that some others do but there are some ways to overcome this hurdle that we will talk about in this video including these points showing maturity being professional and coming prepared knowing your stuff so as you guys know we’ve started many businesses and some came when we were very young when we launched our investment business that was in 2008 I was nine years old he was evil just 11 we were going into one of the oldest age demographic markets there are collectibles we’re talking the baseball cards the comics the coins currency you go to these shows you look around everyone thought yeah certainly very established there’s people who do it who people know to go to already and so to be a new face a new person in a game was certainly something that we had to address and exactly right well we go into these conventions and shows and were the new kids on the block literally we’re little kids you know everyone’s looking at us like what the heck so we come into this market extremely old and here we are as a little kid it takes time to develop maturity but it is crucial that you do so because that’s a huge aspect of business especially as a young entrepreneur so a couple more points we want to hit on are being professional and coming prepared knowing your stuff yeah so being professional especially if you’re not on an online business if you have to do any interaction face to face with people whether they’re your partners or your clients but you really have to being professional is a big thing and no no right yes so I was at a pitch yesterday and I’d say two of the biggest things in terms of being professional dressing professional appearing professional and communication communicating about you yeah you guys you gotta realize you cannot talk like a little kid or act foolish or talk to be like this is real business these are real people exactly I mean it doesn’t really matter how young you are if you know how to communicate with people efficiently and professionally and you know what you’re talking about Agis really is just a number so for example I was at a pitch yesterday with a really big company and you know I showed up I have my dress clothes on I have my binder with all my my paperwork and everything that I had for them I had my meeting we walked in and I actually got complimented by the by one of the people that was there that was meeting with us she was like wow you know very very impressive that you’re 17 and you’re and you’re communicating this well and I definitely thought that was a good thing too this video because it’s really relevant to that yeah and then as you’re talking about your pitch coming prepared that goes hand in hand in the real world you have to know your stuff if you’re going to saying you’re an expert in the field are you that’s your profession or whatever you got to be able to back it up and despite how young you are just learn it you know we’re in the game you I know it’s a little harder to be an expert a die-hard professional in the field but know as much as you can maybe yeah perfect but you can learn so much out there from Google from YouTube videos yes from our YouTube videos maybe hopefully in the future here and we can own your stuff I mean again I’m in digital marketing and really everything I’ve learned has been online you know I haven’t been to college yet I’m still in high school both of us are bullpen and there’s my we’re both completely self-taught in what we do and you know especially with this wealth of knowledge that’s on the internet you know there’s no excuse not to know what you’re talking about if you want to become an entrepreneur and you haven’t had that formal education that college and university education yeah exactly so yeah just coming prepared because people aren’t if you’re trying to sit down at them and take up their time and sell them something you better know what the heck you’re talking about so that you don’t look like a fool and you got to be able to sell them on what you’re selling that’s a huge thing – yeah that’s hisin again with the communications and the vocabulary you got to be sharp on these things and that’s just what it takes to succeed you can’t lollygag it’s a serious thing one story I really remember that falls under you know being taken seriously showing your maturity I know sometimes it’s hard I’ve been shot at we’ve we’ve we’ve all been shut out in ways just because we’re too young you know things like that but honestly don’t listen to him age is just a number believe me but one time when I was 12 or 13 years old we’re at another massive convention again so we were the youngest people there by far and I went up to one guys a case and I said hey can I can I see that item though it was really rare half dollar coin where it’s about two to three thousand dollars I said god take a look the coin and he says this is a waste of both of our times just go somewhere else basically and that was like because you were a kid or ouch yeah you know 99% of people are friendly and stuff but there’s always that group of people would just say he’s a kid you know yeah here but little did he know I could have bought every single item in that entire case but now I just walked away and you lost the business and a customer so it’s things like that you know we’ve been through it I’ve been through it don’t think I’m like some perfect guy and like everybody takes me seriously it’s like no I’m still a 17 year old kid there are people who just have to try to shut us out I mean if I said I’ve had plenty of pitches where where I get shut down and a lot of the times they won’t tell you it’s because of your age and every sales person everybody who’s trying to sell something or you know sell a product or a service you know they’re going to get shut down you know not everybody wants to buy what you’re selling but sometimes I can definitely tell that I don’t get taken seriously just because you know I look young and it’s happened to I got to stay confident you push through it you’re going to get rejections that that applies to everyone like I you just young people people who are older you know you’re going to get shut down so another line we had on here was listening always be listening and especially you listening the mentors find your mentors who can help you learn the video and that’s one of the easiest things I found you know these people who these entrepreneurs they always want to help the next generation the very owners they want to write and that’s one of the advantages you know being a young entrepreneur is hard in most ways but I will say one of the easiest things that we do have as an advantage is finding mentors because they’re all of these people who are experienced in business and done well for themselves are looking to teach people and they’re very impressed when they see somebody who has the drive and the motivation to being on ya know exactly so I remember when we were very young girl I got saying when I hear nine ten eleven years old starting this business we are absorbing all this information listening they have a lot of knowledge to share with you so you better listen up and absorb it in talking to all these people establishing the mentors we we had some very influential people early on just teaching us the internet I remember all the negotiation tactics we I remember where we back this is when I was nine years old oh man I’m talking about the fraud out of nine years old so we’re at it we’re gonna big mention full of old people of course like I was just saying so I pull out this one it was an old dime as a tall coin is it was worth a few bucks it was priced at three dollars and I said to the guy I’d never met him I said would you take $2 and he goes no and I’m like oh my god this is well that was like my first deal I’ve ever done I’m like oh my god we like not supposed to negotiate how do you do this I was so confused and he goes I would take a dollar for it now I’m like okay you know you just sit so I’m like okay I’ll buy for God but that Batman name was Paul he’s eating well he he just passed away a few months ago but he was in his 70s when we met him now he’s in his 80s and I wasn’t his 80s but he was I’ve known him since 2008 so he’s a mentor a longtime mentor for nine years it’s people like that who you’ll come across and again mentors like I was just telling him mentors aren’t as we know someone who’s going to just hold your hand and tell you every bit of things you need to know and be there 24/7 no they got things going to do but they’ll help you when they can and I just want you guys nun mentors aren’t like Oh will you be my mentor please no it’s someone who you can learn from learn some tips and tricks and I feel like mentors are are just like a business partner or appeared yeah but they’re just they’re not your age they’re more experienced than you and you increase them like business partner and they and they should be treating you like a business partner as well and I think there is different types of mentors as we were talking about off-camera you know there’s the really serious mentors who are going to be there for you a lot and really involved in what you’re doing and then there’s going to be the mentors that you talk to maybe once or twice sometimes you don’t even meet them maybe they’re online than ever yeah that’s totally fine it’s not like you have one mentor now you can have dozens of mentor some can be more serious than others but that’s a big thing because mentors have a lot to give but it just goes under the whole umbrella of be learning be a be listening be absorbing info so that you can build up and and there’s another thing that I want to hit on actually is because these mentors you know some of them are going to be super successful some of them are going to write small business owners maybe they’re not doing as much revenue as these other ones but every single one of them has something to give and even if they’re maybe not even an entrepreneur everybody who’s involved in business in some way shape or form has advice for young people it doesn’t matter what industry it is it’s all its bit Slanket advice you can pick it up all over the past just just be a magnet to the wealth of info that you’re getting and retain it so you can use it in the future so is networking next network early you are networking now definitely and and I think I want to break this down into two main things here you want to network with other young entrepreneurs and that’s what we’re doing right now I remember Jeff and I met at a car show actually of course and and we’ve been we’ve been working since then and we were actually just on a conference call last night with my friend Orie if you’re watching this video what’s up man and he’s another young entrepreneur I he’s 17 years old he’s a senior in high school just like us and he has this great idea and we were we were all talking last night it was just about that so I think oh peer to peer yeah so the two big things that I think are important are networking peer to peer people that are your age whether you’re a teenager or not people that are in your age group and then also people that are in your industry exactly so industry networking as well that’s also huge with the coin and collectible industry that Chris and I have been in for the last nine years we’ve built up a network of hundreds or thousands of people now the point where we can call up George and say hi send me a hundred of these in the mail and you have that reputation where people can just boom send it to you mail a check it’s just you’re hustling in the industry but it’s amazing the people you do me and just always always be building up the network yeah what’s the course not what you know it’s who you know you know that’s that’s so accurate it’s amazing what just knowing people will do and networking the importance of networking just cannot be expressed enough like just knowing people and have it whether they’re in your industry or your peer or they’re neither you know just talking to people it’s just always beneficial and that goes for life too not just this it’s amazing who you will find yeah and just talking to people anywhere you can learn some amazing things about the people and build some connections that can help you done yeah and all sorts of things can happen when you network sometimes you have people who can help you in a certain way or maybe you’ll find investment opportunities whatever there’s a bunch of different ways as a young entrepreneur obviously some of you maybe don’t even have your life and yet and you know you can’t travel as freely as older working professionals some of the ways that I network is first of all just going into businesses sometimes and just finding people and the Internet of course that’s one of the biggest ways to be able to network with social media is one of the best ways to network with people – anytime something interesting – no message why not you know we get tons of messages on you know you know and Jerr Drive run into some amazing people and exactly connections exactly and car shows – if you guys are into cars it can be as simple as going to car shows you know what you think is just a fun way to kill some time and spend the morning can turn into you setting up some amazing business contacts that’s how I met him that I met Jimbo who helps us with some of the editing is doing his channel it’s really amazing to the people who you can meet and you never know who you’re going to meet that’s why you should just always be networking and again got up good communications in that work exactly so if you don’t have good communications you just simply have to have to get better there’s there’s no option there’s no way exactly and and one more thing I do want to hit on in terms of networking and how to do it is definitely local business alliances and Chamber of Commerce event you know Google it really just Google your city or your local area and see if there’s a business alliance or a Chamber of Commerce I’m immense I’m a member of the local Chamber of Commerce here in the DC area and I’ve met so many people through that and the networking there is amazing you can’t let setback hold you back and I want to go going off on a tangent real quick on that I think that is one of the beauties of online business right oh yeah it’s kind of like a mask and not in a deceptive way but beneficial you know anybody it doesn’t matter how old you are you sit you know as long as you can do these three things you know even online people are going to buy what you have you have a quality product or service and if you can communicate it well and sell it online nobody cares how that’s a huge point actually yes since you mentioned I remember you doing some stuff on eBay and some other auction sites online yeah and we’re here like a literally 11 or 12 years old selling these high-end ticket items one time we sold this extremely rare metal the price was $8,500 I think I was like 12 or 13 years old at this time and I talked to the guy on the phone you know it’s so hard we’re so young on the phone it’s like we have the ability to communicate but okay maybe our voices are higher and it’s like it’s like oh god I hope this all goes good and you know he didn’t know my edges so it likes it a matte yes it’s in a good way because you can conduct this business Emily at a younger age and nobody knows so that’s that’s a good point for you guys out there if you want to do something like that online businesses Amazon eBay all these things no one sees you know what you the older York so it’s a possibility so listening to Jeffery talk about being taken seriously when he was selling an item I remembered and brought this piece along which was from when he was taken when when we had to be taken seriously buying an item and this was the item okay so this piece is from 1862 it’s a $2.00 bill it’s the first legal tender note in America so it’s really cool this is where we got the term greenback from because it’s green so there’s your tip of the day so we got into the coin shop and we’re flipping through some stuff this was super early on we were probably 10 years old we’re flipping through some items and I came up across this one and I knew this one was very valuable and basically I showed this to the owner I said you know how much you looking to get for this and he’s like oh well it’s probably too much for you you know let’s just put that one inside but since we came in we knew our stuff we were serious I said no I want this note I’ll offer 175 dollars for it and I think he said he wanted 200 oh my god let’s do 190 so we settled on 190 so I remember this note we’ve had it for six seven years same on in my collection but I remember this $109 and it’s worth about price three to four hundred dollars so that’s a good example of knowing your stuff at a young age to be able to know that this was a good deal and no note and be able to negotiate it so for this last part of the video I’ve been demoted budget cuts don’t have enough for another chair so I’m sorry I don’t even go around but last thing I want to talk about is probably maybe the most important thing that you experience in your life going forward with entrepreneurship so that’s your reputation your reputation can either help you immensely or it can hurt you immensely in the business world so one of the ways that a good rep and business can really pay off in the long run is definitely getting referrals you know if you do good work good quality work whether it’s a product or a service you create something that people want and and you really have a quality and good customer service you know you’re going to get referrals especially the more niche your industry is the more people know each other and the more they know word will get around – so absolutely we’re getting around quick so you do not want to cheat anybody it will do there there’s too much going for you in the long run to make to make one stupid little slip-up or one mistake so that’s absolutely not or even when like times are tough it can be tempting or something just do not do not ever break the law do not ever cheat anyone scam anyone it’ll get around so quick and especially with technology these days ripoff report comps everything’s online yeah if your reputation is bad you’re honestly screwed and it sticks with you for the rest of your life you know it’s something that stays with you so that’s why it’s good to have a good reputation all right so guys I hope this video was really informative and taught you something and maybe inspire you a little bit to go out and do it and again as Jeffrey says age is just a number so keep these things in mind this is what we pulled together out of our experience and we think that they’re really valuable yeah and again guys if we can do it at this feeling of age anyone can do it it just really goes to shows age is just a number that’s what I was over so age is just a number anything is possible nothing stopping you definitely thank you guys so much for watching please be sure to comment down below what you think about what we said you agree with it you disagree what other tips do you have also let us know what types of videos you want to see in the future what topics do you guys have and we have any specific questions maybe we can help answer them we love to so drop them down the comment section below and like the video if you enjoyed it and you found informative we’re happy to make these videos and we want to make a lot more in the future I can’t wait to see what we can do also be sure to follow up on social media at Team J our business we’re going to have some little tips and tricks on there as well yes as well as some behind the scenes stuff and announcements for future videos thank you everyone we look forward to seeing you guys in the next one [Music] say that it feels right [Music]

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