10 Self-Made Teenage Entrepreneurs

Video Transcript – 10 Self-Made Teenage Entrepreneurs

There was a time when the phrase young entrepreneurs refer to people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who founded Microsoft and Apple respectively at ages 23 and 21.

Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook at 19 following this trend entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger so young.

In fact, the latest crop of founders include CEOs who haven’t yet legally become adults some aren’t even old enough to drive. Here we have a list of top self-made teenage entrepreneurs.

  • Brooke Martin age 15 from Spokane Washington as an inventor of icy pooch Martin founded her own company impressed judges on America’s Award-winning television show Shark Tank and won top honors at this year’s equal summit. All before even she could drive at 15 this high schooler has recently redesigned her previous technology in order to help the elderly next up.

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  • We have Shubham Banerjee aged 13 from Santa Clara, California after Googling ‘How blind people read’. This 13-year-old created Borrego a brayla printer with the legal Mindstorms EV3 kit family has.
    Since launching his first company Breaka labs in order to develop low-cost machines to print and rail.

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  • Intel Corp recently invested in his daughter Jordan Casey aged 15 from Waterford, Ireland before.He was a professional mobile app developer. Casey taught himself how to program when he was 9 and started his own company when he was 12.
    His games an independent mobile game company is one of the most successful in Ireland.
    In addition to mobile apps Casey’s third company event Z an online event management and promotion site which was announced in November 2014.

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  • Next, We have Soroush Ghodsi age 13 from Waterloo, Ontario and recently wrote an article on Ghodis a 13-year-old CEO of silk technologies which allows you to search filter and track companies based on specific criteria. This is his fourth start up endeavor and second role as the CEO.

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  • Rohan Agarwal age 14 from Cupertino, California.At 12 years old this self-taught programmer began his foray into robotics as a standout in turn for illogic.

    He is the founder of a low pile a consulting company specializing in robotics, web design and printed circuit boards.

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  • Next, Ben Pasternak aged 16 from Sydney, Australia.Not every high school so far more and say that they’ve been caught by both Facebook and Google. That’s not true for Pasternak as founder and creator of one app after this ambitious 16-year-olds iPhone game impossible rush enjoyed more than 500,000 downloads in the very first six weeks.

    Both companies personally called him to the campuses.

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  • Eric Feynman aged 16 from San Francisco, California.At the ripe old age of 15 films in Ashton has $1,000 Bitcoin investment for $100,000 which he then used to launch Botangle an online tutoring program.
    Now 16 women most recently moved out on his own to California.
    Apply for a theologian and discourage auditing classes at Stanford.

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  • Mateusz Mach age 17 from Poland inspired by the world of hip hop.Seventeen-year-old Mach modeled his messaging app five after custom hand signs similar to those used by rappers unknown to him.

    Five would turn the Apple watch into a great communication tool for international sign language users and mark is currently working on adding an ISIL dictionary to this app.

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  • Shreya Shankar age 18 from San Francisco Bay, California originally from College Station Texas.This 18-year-old is a computer science student at Stanford University while still in high school.

    Shankar founded camp sky girl which is a free virtual computer science summer camp for middle school girls which is designed to help close the gender gap in technology.

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  • Next, we have Ming horn age 18 from Berkeley California most entrepreneurs cringe.At the thought of a pitch competition at 18 Horn already had a competition win under a belt the founder of code up which is a four-week web development class taught at a future light orphanage in Cambodia is 2014 NCW IT aspirations in computing national runner-up.

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